Bayside Community Hospital Now Offering Bone Density Scans

ANAHUAC, TEXAS (July 2023):

Bayside Community Hospital is proud to announce the addition of advanced imaging and radiology service through bone density scanning, in Anahuac.

A Bone Density Scan is considered a diagnostic radiology exam and is commonly referred to as a DEXA scan. It is a low-level radiation test that measures calcium and other minerals in bones, in turn showing the strength and thickness of a person’s bones.

DEXA scans are the most common way to measure bone density. These scans are mostly used for diagnosing low bone mass, risk or status of osteoporosis (bone loss), and risk for future fractures among other conditions.

Scans are performed by radiology technologists who work with radiologists to receive results. Bone density screenings are typically offered on an outpatient basis and reimbursed by Medicare and most major medical insurance. Medicare typically covers the scan once every two years and this is the current recommended time frame, with few exceptions.

A primary care provider may recommend a DEXA scan based on several risk factors including but not limited to increased age, family history, previous fracture injuries, medications, and/or a person’s overall health.

To learn more about the DEXA Scan (bone density screening), consult your primary care provider or reach the Diagnostic Imaging team at 409-267-3143, extension 2257.

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