When you come for an appointment with Chambers Health, you don’t have to drive to a new location to get your lab work completed.

We have state-of-the-art equipment with specialized Medical Technologists at our facilities to serve your lab needs. The labs are also able to process orders from providers outside of the Chambers Health system.

Our on-site lab services can include blood draws (complete blood counts, metabolic and lipid panels, thyroid testing, urinalysis, etc.), urine collection or saliva/swab testing for viral or bacterial infections such as COVID, strep throat or flu.

The labs are open Monday through Friday at the primary care facilities with extended hours in Mont Belvieu. The services are available around the clock at Bayside Community Hospital. Your results are uploaded to our patient portal to review and are sent directly to your ordering provider.

Our laboratory operations across all sites are regulated and accredited under the professions and standards of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement amendments (CLIA) program. They also participate in American Proficiency Testing, and an organization-wide Quality Assurance program to ensure the accuracy and quality of test results.

To learn more about laboratory services offered at each location, call 409-267-2916.