Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is a key tool to help doctors look inside your body for clues about a medical condition by utilizing a variety of machines and techniques to create pictures of inside your body.

You can count on a comfortable experience, assistance from our friendly experienced staff using modern technology with quick turnarounds on results.

There’s no need to travel outside of the area to get the tests you need. All tests are performed in our facilities by certified diagnostic technicians and interpreted by board-certified radiologists who report results to your healthcare provider. Best of all is that you can bring us an order for services from any medical provider and we’ll return the results to them.  Although we invite you to be seen by any of our OmniPoint Health medical team members, we will gladly accept imaging orders from others.

Diagnostic services are offered at our Mont Belvieu and Dayton Primary Care Facilities. In Anahuac, OmniPoint Hospital has extended diagnostic services including ultrasounds and CT scans which are certified by the American College of Radiology.

 To learn more about diagnostic imaging services offered at each location, call 409-267-2917.