We believe in providing patients with convenient access to medical care, which can be from wherever you have internet access.

By using our virtual options it limits your risk of exposure to viruses or other disease, it cuts down on travel or time off of work and it is the most convenient option to take care of your health conditions.

We offer several options when it comes to caring for our patients remotely:

  • Telehealth (Virtual Visits) – Our providers are available for virtual appointments to help patients manage fever, cold or flu, or allergy symptoms to monitor chronic conditions or for medication refills. Our telehealth services are offered during our primary care facilities normal operating hours.
  • Blood pressure monitoring – Chambers Health has partnered with Carium Impact to offer technology that monitors your hypertension from your own home, sharing valuable insight with your medical provider. If you sign up for this service, you receive a free self-monitoring blood pressure device.
Schedule your next telehealth visit with us by calling 281-576-0670.