What You Need, Where You Are.

Welcome to Chambers Health, your trusted partner in community-based healthcare. For over seventy years, we have been dedicated to enhancing your well-being through essential health and wellness programs. With a strong commitment to your care, we are honored to be a part of your journey and look forward to serving you for generations to come. Our dedicated healthcare team stands ready across five convenient locations in Chambers and Liberty County, ensuring that we are always there to provide What You Need, Where You Are.

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West Chambers Medical Center Providers
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Call 281-576-0670 to talk to one of our friendly reps to book your visit.

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What You Need, Where You Are

At Chambers Health, every patient is treated like family. We go above and beyond to give you medical excellence in a comfortable facility that is close to home and feels like home.

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Chambers Health offers a wide variety of services

• Primary Care
• Aquatic Therapy
• Bone Density Scans
• Calcium Scoring
• Chronic Care Management
• Congregate Meals

• Counseling
• Dental Clinic
• Emergency Care
• Extended Hours*
• Healthcare Assistance

• Family Planning
• Fitness Memberships
• Hospitalizations
• Inpatient Hospice
• 24/7 Labs*
• Meals on Wheels

• Minor Procedures
• Mobile Mammograms
• Outpatient Treatment
• Physical Therapy
• Remote Patient Monitoring
• Wellness & Event Center

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We are Chambers Health
What You Need, Where You Are

Primary Care Provider

We treat each patient like family. Our board-certified medical staff focuses on knowing you, your history and treating your conditions to give you the best quality of life!

Accepting New Patients

From pediatric to geriatric, our medical staff offers full-service healthcare to all ages with no waitlist for patients.

Easy Appointments

We want to provide you relief quickly when you are sick. Same-day appointments can be made over the phone by calling 



High-Quality Care

Receive medical excellence in a comfortable facility close to home, that feels like home – with little to no wait times!

Masks Recommended

While masks are not required, please follow clinical recommendations as provided.

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