Bayside Community Hospital

Hospital & Emergency Room

When it comes to healthcare, bigger is not always better. For communities like Chambers County, most of your healthcare needs can be served locally through Bayside Community Hospital.

Bayside Community Hospital offers traditional hospital services such as emergency care, inpatient care, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory testing, but also rehabilitation, long-term care, physical therapy, pharmaceutical services, in-patient hospice care, and dietary and nutrition services.

When minutes count, rural hospitals can and do save lives.  The hospital and hospital’s emergency department has saved countless lives in more than 70 years of operation in Anahuac. 

We hope you never need to use our emergency services, but we are here for you and your loved ones in your greatest time of need. We have never closed our doors in nearly six decades of service – hurricanes and all.

We know the importance of our hospital and emergency room in our community. For serious injuries or illnesses, even short delays of driving for treatment could result in a death or serious disability that could have otherwise been prevented by receiving stabilizing treatments by our 24/7 board certified emergency providers and skilled nursing team.

Bayside Community Hospital

Call 409-267-3143 to learn more about services offered.

200 Hospital Drive
Anahuac, TX 77514

Hours of Operation

24/7 Emergency Room

In the last 25 years, more than 470 rural hospitals have closed leaving communities without vital emergency services. Bayside Community Hospital is dedicated to continuing providing Chambers County residents with care by fostering key partnerships and generating additional revenue in other areas to help sustain this essential service.

Click here to read more about the history of the hospital – which serves as the origin of Chambers Health.

For non-emergency needs, visit our primary care facility in Anahuac or utilize our extended hour services in Mont Belvieu.