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Social Services
Chambers Health

Malinda_AlbrittonAt Chambers Health we have a Social Worker that assists patients in making referrals to appropriate needed services. Services are arranged depending on the needs of our patients. Services can be arranged for numerous reasons, which can range from home health care to transportation. At times we literally go out and complete the legwork for patients. Most of the time patients only have to make a phone call to complete the referral process.

Within the Social Services Department, the Social Worker acts as a case manager who manages each case for its clinical care. All cases are reviewed daily to assure accurate utilization and performance from a clinical aspect. The case manager follows all cases that need clinical authorization from various managed care companies.

The Social Worker works often and diligently with all providers and staff to ensure all patients receive the most accurate and best care possible from Chambers Health. For more information contact Malinda Albritton, LBSW at 409-267-3143

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