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Respiratory Therapy

Jackie_ReynoldsThe Respiratory Therapy Department at Bayside Community Hospital provides treatment to patients who have heart, circulation, lung disorders and injuries.

The respiratory staff can provide several diagnostic procedures to identify issues, including Oxygen Saturations; to determine the oxygen level in the blood, Pulmonary Function testing; to determine lung volumes, or the more extensive Arterial Blood Gas test, which identifies the acidity or alkalinity of the blood.

On both inpatient and outpatient levels, the staff can provide a variety of treatment alternatives and options, depending on the patient’s needs. The staff can provide Nebulizer treatments, which help break up and clear the lung and airways; Incentive Spirometry for lung expansion; chest physiotherapy to support postural drainage; breathing exercises; Bi-pap (oxygen) support, and for those with more serious conditions, full ventilator support, for those patients who can not breathe independently.

The RT Department also handles EKG Testing of and for patients at Bayside Community Hospital to identify any cardiac concerns or issues, as well Holter Monitoring, to detect cardiac irregularities over extended periods.

Give Jackie Reynolds a call at 409.267.3143 ext 2255 to learn more, or schedule an appointment.


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