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Plant Operations
Chambers Health

Our hospital may be 60 years old, but we’ll bet you’ll find it as comfortable and healing an environment as any place you’ll see, thanks to our Plant Operations staff. Whenever you allow us to be of service, at any of our facilities, hopefully you’ll quickly notice, after the superior level of care, that we invest our energy and resources in providing state-of-the-art surroundings and technology. From our recently renovated patients rooms with individual climate controls at Bayside Community Hospital, to our totally equipped and furnished clinic exam rooms, our focus is on your comfort, convenience and safety. Our Plant Operations staff, along with our Safety Committee, continuously checks and monitors that furnishings, fixture and equipment are functioning appropriately and properly. We even engage external consultants and contractors to visit on a regular schedule to make double sure all is well, all in an effort to insure your visit is as restful and secure as possible. Contact Noe Mejia at 409.267.3143 with any needs. 



Donna BennettMaterials Management is all about acquiring every little thing we need to take care of you. From items that cost only fractions of pennies that are brought in by the truckload, to one of a kind technology that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, Materials Management is responsible for identifying and acquiring what we need to do our jobs, at the best possible price. It’s a pretty awesome responsibility when you think about it, being in control of and responsible for all of that, but it’s a responsibility our staff takes seriously. On top of that, as a public entity, Bayside adheres to the policies, procedures, ethical and conflict of interest statements of the Texas Building and Procurement Commission. So, while we can’t resell anything we acquire to the public, you can count on us as a resource, and rest assured that we’ve done our homework, while maintaining the highest of standards. Donna Bennett; 409.267.3413



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