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Chambers Health

The leadership of Chambers Health is vested in and with our two Boards of Directors, as well as the Administration team. The Chambers County Public Hospital District (CCPHD) Board of Directors are individuals who reside within the boundaries of the District, are elected by the registered voters of the District, and serve staggered four year terms. The Chambers Community Health Center Board is also comprised of folks from within our service area, but they are appointed instead of elected. The CCHC Board is made up, currently, of ten individuals representative of the cultural diversity that is our community, while the CCPHD Board is only five individuals, as established in the regulations and statutes that govern public hospital districts. Beyond that, however, there is scant little difference in the purpose of the two Boards. They are responsible for, in collaboration with the Medical Staff and Administration, for continually assessing, providing for the current needs and strategically planning for the future needs of the community and organization, as well as monitoring and directing the performance of the organization. The Boards meet individually monthly and together at least twice a year when they review Chambers Health’s annual operating plan, and, establish the budget for the next fiscal (operating) year.

The Administrative team is made up of staff who, by education, experience and training, possess the requisite knowledge and skills to administer and conduct Chambers Health day-to-day operations. While the Boards consider and establish Chambers Health’s operating policies and philosophies, the Administration team is responsible for turning those policies into the procedures and protocols by which the actual work of Chambers Health will be accomplished.

Together, these folks are required not only to represent the communities they serve, but also to understand and deal with the problems of the entire health care system including:

  • Defining and safeguarding the mission of Chambers Health;
  • Ensuring, promoting and improving the organization's financial viability;
  • Identifying, recruiting and retaining a qualified medical staff;
  • Identifying, recruiting and supporting qualified operations staff;
  • Assessing and improving the quality of care provided;
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of Chambers Health's services and programs;
  • Promoting and sustaining positive relationships with local, state and federal governments,
  • Identifying and securing organization funding sources; and
  • Supervising the welfare of Chambers Health, and ensuring that the organization meets the community's needs.


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