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Diagnostic Imaging

Misti_DehoyosThe Diagnostic Imaging operations at Chambers Health provides a variety of diagnostic imaging capabilities and services to the patients of Chambers County and surrounding communities, at Bayside Community Hospital in Anahuac and West Chambers Medical Center in Mont Belvieu.

Available at both sites, routine studies range from simple chest x-rays, skull x-rays, and extremity x-rays to more complex CT Scans of the spine and head; a modality that combines the use of ionizing radiation with a sophisticated computer to produce detailed cross-sectional images or “slices.” These images are very informative about soft tissue structures, organs, and bones.

At Bayside Community Hospital in Anahuac we also offer ultrasound and MRI capabilities.

An Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the internal organs of the body. This technology may be used for several purposes, including: evaluation of a developing fetus; evaluation of the heart and blood vessels of the body; evaluation of the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys; and, evaluation of other soft tissue parts.

An MRI Scan can be used as an extremely accurate method of disease detection throughout the body. An MRI uses magnetic fields and radio frequencies to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues and bones; it does not use radiation like x-rays. In the head, trauma to the brain can be seen as bleeding or swelling. Other abnormalities often found include brain aneurysms, stroke, tumors, and/or inflammation of the spine. In fact, an MRI is an accurate and cost effective means of evaluating a wide spectrum of injuries to extremities, ranging from ligament injuries to cartilage deficiencies.

A written order from your physician is required for the performance of all diagnostic imaging procedures, and many exams require instructions and advance preparation to ensure optimum results. If you are pregnant, or there is a possibility that you might be pregnant, please bring this to the attention of our technologist performing the examination. The Radiology suites at both of our sites are fully digital; allowing us to capture images instantly, speeding the treatment process. Being fully digital also means we can instantly forward them anywhere your doctor may be.

Services at West Chambers Medical Center in Mont Belvieu include routine x-ray studies and CT scans. These are available Monday through Friday, during regular business hours, call 281-576-0670 to schedule an appointment; walk-ins are always welcome.

Services available at Bayside Community Hospital in Anahuac include routine x-ray studies and CT scans; these services may be available without an appointment. For any services outside of regular business hours, we ask that you schedule an appointment in order to ensure that insurance authorization is obtained. Ultrasound and MRI services are available by appointment only. Please call Misty DeHoyos at 409.267.3143 Ext 2257 for additional information or to schedule your appointment.


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